Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Get That Not

Happy Birthday to Paramount Pictures architect Adolph Zukor, 13th President Millard Fillmore, Nicholas Cage, and cartoonist Charles Addams!
Now, I promise that Stalling Tactics in not going to become a list of complaints about modern entertainment. But remember the old Candid Camera show? In every half-hour episode there would be three clever segments -- okay, two clever segements, and one with Allen Funt talking to little kids. Ashton Kutcher, who despite his carefully cultivated image as a moron is a very bright guy, 'borrowed' the idea with Punk'd, where his overly-elaborate practical jokes on celebs were often clever and funny. Now we get I Get That A Lot, where they take ONE gag -- having famous people do normal jobs and pretend that they are not who they are -- and play that one not-so-clever gag FOR AN ENTIRE SEASON! Does anyone seriously find this funny more than once?

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